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We offer three hours of Calgary City Tours, a full-day tour to Banff & Lake Louise and to Drumheller & the Badlands. 


Drumheller & Bandlands Tour

A full, 9 hour day trip  

Dusty and different, Drumheller has a special charm. Visiting the Royal Museum, Historical Mines, and Ancient Land will open your eyes to both prehistoric and human history.


Banff &
Lake Louise Tour

A full, 10 hour day trip  

The gorgeous town of Banff and the magnificent blue of Lake Louise await you! Rugged and natural history, breathtaking beauty and an experince you won't forget.


Calgary City Tour

A short, 3 hour day trip  

Exploring the City, discovering both modern achievements and past events. Photo worthy locations at every turn, with rich information coming straight from a local guide.

Private Tours


Jasper Tour 

Deeper into the mountains, you find more untouched beauty than ever before. Come walk on the Eternal Ice, feel raging waterfalls, see crystal-clear lakes and explore the wild!

Waterton Tour

A Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an International Peace Park, big titles for such an intimate national park. With a small town and unique sights, say hello to our American neighbors as we visit this southern wonder! 

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Buffalo Jump Tour

Where the Plains meet the Mountains, past Aboriginals of the area hunted buffalo in a unique manner. Come discover their traditions and way of life in an area you've never seen before!


"We did the Calgary City Tour on September 21st. It was a really nice tour. Marli gave us plenty of time to take pictures and to look around. Se also gave us a ton of infos about the city. I recommend it to everyone who wants a complete tour of Calgary."

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