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Alberta's New 90$ Access Fee for Kananaskis Country

At first, when I read about this new fee, I was a little worried. Was it 90$ per visit? Per vehicle? Per person? So many new expenses to consider!

Luckily, I was wrong. This new fee is an annual payment per vehicle, so no need to worry, it won't be added onto Klein Tours Tour price.

You might ask, why the new fee?

Kananaskis Country is a gorgeous area spanning from Canmore down to Livingstone. It has many hiking trails and camping spots that 5.3 million people visited in 2020 (42% more than 2019). With this many people came issues, such as littering, misuse of resources, and destruction of property and wildlife. This new fee will cover all increasing costs!

Let's hope the health and safety of the area and the visitors will benefit from this new fee.

KleinTours drives through Kananaskis Country on our way to Banff & Lake Louise, so be sure to look out your window and marvel at this mountainous area!

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